The mission of the multidisciplinary regional hospital

The mission of the multidisciplinary regional hospital:

Providing high-quality medical care to the population.

Introduction of multidisciplinary regional hospitals:

Creating conditions for improving the quality of medical services provided to residents of the region

The main purpose of the multidisciplinary regional hospital is:

Provision of specialized and highly specialized medical care to the population of Kyzylorda region.

Multidisciplinary regional hospital performs the following activities:

1) examination of temporary disability, examination of the health of young men (military medical), examination of professional suitability;

2) the organization and rendering stationary medical activity to the adult population on specialties: neuropathology, pulmonology, Nephrology, operative - hemodialysis, endocrinology, gastroenterology, Hematology, cardiology, cardiac surgery, rheumatology, stomatology (therapy and surgery), traumatology and orthopedics, kombustiology, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, surgery: (purulent, abdominal, General, thoracic, endoscopic, neurosurgery), obstetrics and gynecology, anesthesiology - emergency medicine, urology, toxicology, dietetics (clinical nutrition), physiotherapy, physical therapy, plasmapheresis, oxygenation giperbolicheskie, lithotripsy;

3) provision of primary (pre-medical) health care: pre-medical medical care;

4) provision of emergency and emergency medical care: medical support during transportation, emergency medical care, emergency medical care;

5) organization and carrying out of types of diagnostics: laboratory (bacteriological, biochemical, General clinical, cytological), radiological, functional, ultrasonic, endoscopic, microreaction, pathological anatomy;

6) provision of outpatient medical care to adults: obstetrics and gynecology, Allergy, physical therapy, otorhinolaryngology, ophthalmology, endocrinology, neuropathology, Nephrology, proctology, surgery, dentistry (therapeutic), therapy, neurosurgery, urology, physiotherapy;

7) inpatient care (day hospital);

8) organization and carrying out of medical care to the population on specialties: paraffinozokeritogryazelechenie, hydrotherapy, balneology;

9) participation in the implementation of national and regional medical and social target programs aimed at protecting the health of the population of the region;

10) the organization and carrying out of the specialized help to the population of area in the form of exit specialized crews or consultations for: rendering emergency and planned medical actions, carrying out preventive examinations and / or consultations of patients;

11) promotion of healthy lifestyles, organization and implementation of activities to prevent diseases and promote human health;

12) attraction of investments (foreign, local) and funds of international charitable funds for the purchase of modern medical and non-medical equipment equipment for the work and life of the Enterprise, training of specialists in foreign countries;

13) production and release of dosage forms in pharmacy conditions, release of medicines, including narcotic and psychotropic substances to structural divisions of the enterprise, storage and refreshment of mobilization reserve of medicines;

14) organization and carrying out rehabilitation and rehabilitation and health measures for patients, rehabilitation with chronic forms of diseases;

15) cooperation with clinical and scientific bases of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the countries of the far and near abroad in the organization of medical and recreational activities, conducting research together with research institutes and research centers, attracting the scientific potential of the Republic of Kazakhstan for consultation of unknown patients, the introduction of medical science, modern methods of diagnosis and treatment in the practice of the Enterprise, testing of new drugs, the introduction of new forms of scientific organization of work;

16) organization of proportional development of hospital and non-hospital services and their integration;

17) carrying out paid services, including production of medical oxygen for the purpose of uninterrupted provision of the enterprise and sale of finished products to other medical institutions and non-medical institutions, improvement of the organization of paid medical services, in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

18) ensuring continuous professional development of medical workers of health care organizations, including additional education, as part of continuous professional development: specializations and advanced training of doctors and nurses, as well as postgraduate training of students of medical colleges and higher educational institutions;

19) processing and analysis of medical and statistical information reflecting the state of human health, the work of the enterprise;

20) protection and strengthening of health of mother and newborns with pathology in the conditions of the perinatal center; monitoring of women of childbearing age with pathologies of internal organs, with the subsequent recommendation in tactics of conducting these women in medical and prophylactic institutions of rural areas;

21) coordination of medical-prophylactic and organizational methodical work in rural medical-prophylactic institutions;

22) work and organization of events in the enterprise for emergency medicine (MOE);

23) deals with the volume and type of specialized medical care to the population, determined in accordance with the standards of diagnosis and treatment, approved by the state administration;

24) provides maintenance of works on uninterrupted functioning of auxiliary services (communications, Elevator facilities, boiler room, oxygen station, Laundry and other departments);

25) clarification of the diagnosis of the disease on sectional, surgical and biopsy materials, by conducting macro and microscopic, and if necessary - bacteriological, virological, and biochemical studies;

26) establishment of the cause and mechanism of death of the patient;

27) analysis of diagnostic quality of medical work;

28) preparation and holding of clinic-anatomical conferences in medical institutions;

29) organization and provision of consultative and diagnostic and inpatient medical care for adults and children in the following specialties: dermatovenerology( dermatocosmetology), surgery (plastic surgery);

Values of multidisciplinary regional hospital:

1) Focus on achieving the hospital's strategic goals;

2) Professionalism and striving to improve the professional level of employees;

3) Initiative and activity in the performance of official duties by employees;

4) Discipline and responsibility;

5) Mutual support between employees;

6) assistance to young specialists of the Enterprise