The cleaning day has passed

On April 2, 2022, a Subbotnik was held on the territory of the multidisciplinary Regional Hospital.

master class

In the cardiology center of the multidisciplinary Regional Hospital in 2021, a master class was held for doctors using the Cryoconsol POLARx device purchased for cryoablation operations.

Happy Nauryz holiday!

The great holiday of our people was also celebrated by the staff of the multidisciplinary Regional Hospital.

Today, the regional multidisciplinary hospital hosted an Open House dedicated to the World Kidney Day.

150 people were consulted in the consulting and diagnostic department, 22 of them were diagnosed with primary renal failure.


Today, on the eve of the International Women's Day "March 8" in the conference hall of the regional multidisciplinary hospital, the director of the hospital NE Amitov congratulated the girls on the holiday and presented letters of thanks and gifts.